Assignments For Students

We are the first Pakistani site, to upload actual assignments for LAW Students. Our collection of works will help you in writing your assignments.

  • Judicial Review and Theory of Basic Structure
  • Arrest, Escape, And Retaking
  • Post Mortem (Forensic Law)
  • The Doctrine Of Estoppel As A Rule Of Evidence
  • Elaborate Salient Features Of the Battle Of Solferino
  • Suit For Recovery Of Money
  • Burden Of  Proof
  • Examination Of Witness
  • Highlight The Significance of Punctuation In The Subject of Statuary Interpretation?
  • Four Different FIRs And Four Different Trials
  • Introduction To Banking Laws (Financial Institution (Recovery of Finance) Ordinance 2001.
  • Explain The Term Pollution With Its Kinds and Hazardous Effects of Pollution On The Environment?

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